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Beers and Cider

It has always been accepted that cheese and wine go well together - but do not overlook the tradition of drinking beer or cider with cheese. The classic Ploughmans' lunch served to farm workers was always accompanied by a jug of beer or cider. We have, for some time, stocked the local beer made by The West Berkshire Brewery at Yattendon, their "Good Old Boy" and "Mr Chubbs" being particularly popular. We also stock awarding winning beers from The Two Cocks Brewery, made on their small farm at Enborne.

Tutts Clump is a family run company based in the village of Bradfield. They make their 'proper cider' by hand in the old fashioned, traditional way.

Wyatts Craft Cider made in Bradfield -  seasonally harvested and pressed by hand, mostly from the old orchards at Douai Abbey, this small artisan producer does sometimes run out of stock - but we are always at the top of his "restock" list.