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Welcome to Our Cheese Shop

Exceptional Cheeses

We strive to always offer cheeses in prime condition, served by staff who know about cheese and understand the importance of good customer service.

The Pangbourne Cheese Shop sells a large selection of artisan cheese, many from Britain and the best from the Continent. Where possible, we like to buy our cheeses directly from the cheesemakers. This close relationship with the people who actually make the cheese results in a proper understanding of what makes each cheese unique, how it matures over time and the best way to store and serve it. Where we cannot buy direct, we use wholesalers who respect our ethos and know that we are only prepared to buy the best. We understand how cheeses ripen over time and so we mature some cheeses ourselves to ensure their perfection at time of sale.

Outstanding Service

We do not want people to feel intimidated or confused by the large selection of cheeses on offer, so we always encourage customers to taste different cheeses so that they are happy with any purchase they finally make. We love to pass on our knowledge about the cheeses we sell.

The Gift Of Cheese

We can provide a selection of artisan cheeses, beautifully boxed, to suit any budget.